We are Juan and Carlos, two brothers that, through traveling, have gained so much positivity. Nowadays, we feel that the industry has dehumanized tourism. The world presents itself as a large theme park where guests are increasingly given more amenities and fewer opportunities to contribute.

What would happen if we could create a new take on the old ways of traveling – a place where it is easier and more natural to live with meaningful experiences in which encountering people was important? Calalas is born from that question.

To inquire about this idea in 2014 we embarked on a search project. Finally, in a corner of Costa Esmeralda on the Pacific side of Nicaragua, we located and purchased a property 250 meters away from the sea and we are developing a Collaborative Hostel Project. Want to Contribute?

The Search

In 2014, we bought a van in California, and we travelled for 7 months from Los Angeles to Ecuador. Our Goal was to find a piece of land to develop a “different” type of accommodation.

For that purpose we created a little travel project called “With Palm Trees.” With just a website and a simple call, we received more than 200 contributions for our search project (places, projects to visit, proposals of collaboration, advice, etc.)

Some Photos from the Trip…

What is Calalas?

The Name

Calala is the Nicaraguan passion fruit. It’s our favorite local fruit. The calala has such an intense flavor that by blending just a few of them you can make a lot of juice. That’s also what happens when you blend people together – great experiences flourish. So we are all Calalas and if you blend all of us together, great things happen.

What kind of organization is Calalas?

We are a company that runs a collaborative hostel project with a blue economy business model that aspires to be sustainable and profitable from several points of view besides the economic one.


For our nomadic and active way of living, we have shared our path along the way with interesting people from many different places. We wanted them to have a special place in Calalas, and because they are as excited as us we have asked them to be our ambassadors. So if you have any questions or doubts then feel free to write to them and ask.

Sara C.

Nature Lover
“I love that Calalas is in the neighbor country”

Julio A.

Musician / Dentist
“Central America & good company, What else?”

Vicki B.

Artist / Nutrition / Wanderer
“This is going to be an amazing community”

Paul B.

Travel Writer / Adventure Guide
“Another great idea from my good friends”

Olivett S.

Business Traveler / Dreamer
“Happy to see how this is moving forward”

Sonia L.

Globe Trotter
“You are creating such an amazing project…”

Arthur N.

Action Sports / Adventure Filmmaker
“We share good times together, I want more…”

Hunter R.

Musician / Nursing Student / Travel Enthusiast
“Let’s stay in touch and one love”

Kirsty R.

Pilates / Yoga / Sport Massage
“Dreams became ideas and ideas… projects”

Karyn L.

Freestyler / Yoga / Massage Therapist
“I love Nicaragua and I like the collaborative scene…”




You are planning to spend all of the summer in Nicaragua and you have some skills that could be useful: physiotherapy, surf instructor, Spanish teacher, professional chef …


Maybe you like our idea and would like to be an active part of it even though you are not planning on visiting us anytime soon. Lets see what we can do together.


Weekly shifts at our Collaborative Camps. Together we will explore, organize and enjoy positive group dynamics, excursions, activities and more…

Say something, drop us a line:

Lets be friends

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