We are located at the Pacific Shore of Nicaragua in the beautiful Costa Esmeralda.

Pure Central America


Nicaragua is one of the jewels of Latin America. This is why it is ranked in the TOP 5 destinations of the Lonely Planet 2015. Nearly a fifth of the territory of Nicaragua is protected by national parks or reserves. That means volcanoes, rain forests, valleys, beaches, lakes and islands to explore. It has also become a top destination for eco-tourism and adventure activities such as: surfing, hiking, kayaking, diving … (click here for more)

Surf Paradise

Most of Nicaragua’s known surf spots are concentrated in our area where a narrow stretch of coastline separates Lake Nicaragua (the largest lake in Central America) from the Pacific. This huge body of water creates the perfect atmospheric conditions, causing winds to blow offshore for most of the year.We are located right in front of the Playa Santana Surf spot. From here you can walk easily to another three breaks and you can also access plenty more by both boat and car.


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How to get here


We are located in Nicaragua, Rivas Department, Emerald Coast at Tola Municipality, Popoyo area close to the town El Limón Dos right in Playa Santana.


Costa Esmeralda Airport8 Km15 min
Rivas40 Km45 min
Managua Airport112 Km2 h 30 min
San Juan del Sur70 Km1 h 16 min
Granada70 Km1 h 50 min
Costa Rica80 Km1 h 30 min


There are plenty of airlines that fly to Managua. We recommend that you use the one that allows you to play with dates easily.

Local Bus

Catching the bus in Nicaragua is an experience in itself. Some foreigners call them “Chicken Buses” so, at least it could be a cultural / animal adventure. Anyway, it is by far the cheapest way and it is totally doable and, with the right attitude can even be fun.Rivas is the closest well known and easy to reach location. In Managua, go to Roberto Huembes Bus Station and take the bus to Rivas. In San Juan del Sur go to the Central Market Bus Station and take the bus to Rivas. In Granada go to Central Bus station and take the bus to Rivas.Once you are in Rivas go to the bus station and take one of the buses that go to Las Salinas or El Astillero. The normal schedule is 5am, 9am, 11am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm, 4:00pm, 4:30pm and 5:00pm. The cost would be around $3 US Dollars and it would take something like 2h 30 min. Jump off in “El Limon Dos”. From there it is walking distance to Calalas but if you call us and we are available then we will happily pick you up.


From Rivas you have to take the road to Tola and follow the Rancho Santana (huge development) signs. Pass the Rancho Santana main entrance, the little village of El Limón Dos. Half a mile further on you are going to find a private entrance with a few accommodations signs on the left hand side of the dirt road. Take that left as we are located along that road 250 m / 820 ft before it ends at the beach.

Taxi / Private Shuttle

The rates from Managua’s airport make it around 100$ for a taxi and around 120$ – 150$ for a private shuttle. You can however book your transport in advance with us. From Rivas depending on your negotiation skills and time of the year you can make it for anything from 25$ – 40$.

Shared Shuttle

There’s a daily shuttle service from San Juan to Popoyo Area and return.It leaves San Juan del Sur around 10.30, it stops in Rivas around 11:00, San Jorge Port and later Popoyo area (Santana, Guasacate…). It leaves Guasacate at 7 AM and 1.30 PM with the same route, so at 7:30 AM and 2:00 PM it stops at Calalas in Playa Santana The price is $15 San Juan del Sur ↔ Popoyo Area and $10 Rivas ↔ Popoyo AreaContact Daniel via WhatsApp: +505 8748 4105.If you are in Rivas, you can contact him at Parque Central since you have free WIFI over there. A good pick up point is the Burger King which also has WIFI and is on the Panamerican road.

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We are located in the Costa Esmeralda (Pacific Shore of Nicaragua). More specifically in: Calle Los Mangos, Playa Santana, Popoyo Area, El Limón Dos, Tola (Rivas).