There’s just One Opportunity to be The First

Season 2019

We are creating the first Collaborative Hostel

  • Do you want to be the main character of a story yet to be written?
  • Do you want to help create a unique Collaborative Hostel?
  • Do you want an incredible experience?
  • Do you want to meet interesting people?
  • Do you want to jump off the pitch?
  • Do you want to live amongst the beauty of the Pacific Ocean?
  • Do you want to be part of a fearless tribe?
  • Do you want to make a real difference?

The Good News Is That You Are Not The Only One

We own a property 820 ft. (250 meters) away from the Pacific Ocean in the heart of Nicaragua’s best surf spots. We are developing a Collaborative Hostel that will be called Calalas (Passion Fruit in Nicaragua).We cannot do this alone. So, we invite you to stay with us, in weekly shifts, at our Collaborative Camps. Together we will explore, organize, and enjoy positive group dynamics, excursions, activities, and more. Together we will make a difference!

We Are Part Of The Collaborative Revolution

What is a Collaborative Hostel?

Well, our goal is to actually create the first one with your help .

Collaborative Hostel Project Manifesto

We want to explore and evaluate the following challenges:

  • Reinvent the idea of being a guest
  • Create a fresh, new form of accommodation where travelers share a set of interests, values, and intentions.
  • Develop a new take on the old ways of traveling. Something imagined only by a millennial generation that values things like an open mind, collaboration, social networking, and more.
  • Inspire and empower travelers to be active participants in the world around them.
  • Redefine the way people can choose to travel
  • Share, learn and teach in a Global / Local environment

Follow the call of the Collaborative Camps!

We Are Living A Collaborative Revolution

What will the world look like in just a few years? Why are changes happening at such a speed never seen before? In the blink of an eye we see new companies being launched, changing the dynamics of markets, countries, and people.Organizations and individuals are working in a more collaborative way, sharing more openly their resources, knowledge, causes.The Co-working spaces are changing the way we work, the Co-Living initiatives the way we live, and the Collaborative Economy is rapidly emerging, and covering a greater variety of areas.

An opportunity for making a difference

How many times have you gone to places where you felt like a mere observer? The result of the experience was going to be same with or without you.


Rural and nice environment


Great people together


Central America, fun and nature


Participate, experiment and propose


A different way of camping


Learn & Share

Meet the founders

Carlos Serantes

Juan Serantes

Take advantage of our Early Birds Deal!

We are, Carlos and Juan, two brothers from Spain. We come from a big family and thanks to the interests and values of our parents we were lucky to have an active childhood. One that was full of outdoor activities amongst rivers, lakes, mountains and oceans.

The Canary Islands have been our home for the last 15 years and after so many unforgettable experiences there we feel these islands have become very special to us. Our professional and personal lives have been lively and we have each been involved in many different roles. Between us, separately, we have had quite an interesting mix of experiences, travelling and working abroad in Canada, Australia, Peru, South Africa… Working as adventure travel guides, sport’s instructors (snowboarding, windsurfing, skiing), managing projects promoting social responsibility and cooperation, collaborating with NGOs, media projects and teaching.


Our academic background is in Sports Science, Sustainable Tourism, coaching and facilitation, however we believe that in life you never stop learning. “Knowledge is the only value that increases when it’s shared” and being surrounded by curious and passionate people is the best way to be happy and to keep moving forward. So this is why we have started Calalas and we would love to count on you joining us on this adventure

The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.

On the Road – Jack Kerouac

First time offered, don't miss this chance

Make history, be one of the pioneers who started the tribe of Calalas Collaborative Hostel

Learn, practice or improve your surf in the heart of Nicaragua’s waves paradise

Improve your community life skills and connect with others

Discover more about the culture and the daily life in Nicaragua

Facilitate and / or participate in workshops

Practice languages in an international environment

Create and evolve the concept of Collaborative Hostel

Eat tropical fruits and the best juices ever

Hunt the best sunsets and sunrises of your life

Live an unrepeatable adventure surrounded by great people

Previous Work in this Field

A great experience guaranteed!

Our time developing the successful Collaborative Adventure program: Ruta Siete ULPGC has been a great experience in so many ways. More than 70,000 followers in facebook, more than 5,000 applicants along the 6 editions,and 270 proud participants have been protagonist of this program since 2011. In this video you can watch the Highlights of the 2016 edition.

We know what we are doing and we love it. That is one of the main reasons why it feels like the right thing to do to keep developing the Collaborative Scene with Calalas Collaborative Hostel.

RU7A 2016 - Resumen y...La Aventura Continúa.

Inscríbete en http://www.rutasiete.ulpgc.es/inscripcion Acércate a la aventura vivida la pasada edición a través del vídeo resumen del viaje transformador Ruta Siete 2016. Y tú, ¿quieres ser parte de la experiencia este verano por Las Islas Canarias en #RU7A2017? Esta es tu oportunidad.

Posted by Ruta Siete ULPGC on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Don't Miss This Chance!

$228/7 days - 6 nights
  • 2020 Season Price

  • We are going to open the first Collaborative Hostel. A new form of accommodation where travelers share a set of interests, values, personal growth opportunities therefore experiences.
$114/7 days - 6 nights
  • 2019 Collaborative Camps

  • Take advantage of our 50% off to the 2020 rates. Come and test with us the unique experience of the first Collaborative Hostel, community, nature and creation. All in one place to share quality time with other people.
IVP/2-4 weeks
  • In-house Volunteer Program

  • Apply and become an integral part of the Calalas tribe. It enables the members of the program to cover a substantial part of their costs through exchange work while still enjoying the Collaborative Camps Experience.

A Different Accommodation

We are in a rural area of Nicaragua, 300 meters away from the sea, close by to the Indigenous Community of Las Salinas de Nahualapa and the village of El Limón Dos.

The accommodation in Calalas is Glamping style in 3-Bed Dorm Tents. Beds are individual size with deluxe air mattress. The dorm tents are located on raised platforms under a shade.

Guests also have available private backpack-sized lockers.

The center building of Calalas is a traditional two-storey Nicaraguan Rancho with an artisan palm roof. Shared Bathrooms and showers. Our facilities are rustic, functional and clean.



Home is where the wifi connects automatically, 😉

Good vibe

Life is good, spread the word

Interaction Opportunities

Workshops proposals

Travel Tips

Information about activities to do in the area


Informal meetings and co-creation gatherings

Breakfast & Dinner

6 Continental breakfasts and 6 cooked in group dinner


They are like a giant net for catching lazy people, 😉

Common spaces

Dining area, bathrooms, showers

Basic needs under control

Fresh Water & Electricity, except during the famous Nicaraguan power cuts, 😉

2 Varied Workshops

Depending on the group… example (Yoga, guitar …)

1 Excursion

Outside of Calalas in shared costs.

Clean and comfortable bed in a tent

Inflatable thick mattress, bed linen and pillow

Minimum Stay

7 days and 6 nights

2018 Offer

Pioneers Wanted!

Be a part of this exciting, new project. Become a founding member, an insider. Enjoy the 2018 Offer and reap the benefits of being part of the founding crew.