We are temporarily closed for upgrades

Please feel free to drop us a line telling us when you want to stay at Calalas and for how long so we can give you some feedback.


Home is where the wifi connects automatically, 😉

Good vibe

Life is good, spread the word

Interaction Opportunities

Workshops proposals

Travel Tips

Information about activities to do in the area


Informal meetings and co-creation gatherings

Breakfast & Dinner

6 Continental breakfasts and 6 cooked in group dinner


They are like a giant net for catching lazy people, 😉

Common spaces

Dining area, bathrooms, showers

Basic needs under control

Fresh Water & Electricity, except during the famous Nicaraguan power cuts, 😉

2 Varied Workshops

Depending on the group… example (Yoga, guitar …)

1 Excursion

Outside of Calalas in shared costs.

Clean and comfortable bed in a tent

Inflatable thick mattress, bed linen and pillow

Minimum Stay

7 days and 6 nights