How Rosie Scheibel has Impacted Positively Rural Nicaragua

Rosie is one of our favorite characters in Popoyo area and a good friend. You can find her here talking about a car battery model that need to be replaced in perfect Spanish using the right technical jargon, playing football … Read More

Popoyo Surf Spots

Located on the western coast of Nicaragua’s Costa Esmeralda lies a piece of surfing paradise. Popoyo is slowly making its mark in the world as a haven for natural beauty, tranquility, and unparalleled surfing with very few flat spells throughout … Read More

Packing for Nicaragua

Now that you have decided that your next destination is going to be Nicaragua, you are probably very excited about the idea of traveling to an exotic country with plenty of exciting activities. We are going to give you some … Read More

Essential Travel Info – Nicaragua

Searching for exciting and new places to visit can be a fun experience, but the most important thing is to make sure that we can choose a location that is not only unique but also safe for travel. Nicaragua has been … Read More

Travel Insurance

Look for a Simple & Flexible Option Adventure is the art of managing the unknown. There are two important things that you have to do to enjoy yours; basic planning and having a flexible and simple Travel Insurance. You can … Read More

Hello World!

We are already in April 2017. It is incredible how time passes, in 2014 by this time we were walking along this same place, the coast of Tola (Nicaragua). Going crazy trying to find a property, after many months wandering between … Read More

¡Buenas a todo el mundo!

Estamos ya en abril de 2017, el mes que le robaron a Joaquin Sabina… Es increíble como pasa el tiempo, en el 2014 por estas fechas andábamos por este mismo lugar, la costa de Tola (Nicaragua). Volviéndonos locos intentando elegir … Read More